September 26, 2011

[VIDEO] Heo Young Saeng on Happy Together 3 Ep. 196 FULL

I was surfing the net to look for something to watch and I accidentally  saw a site with Happy Together 3 episodes with english subs. All video was unlisted due to copyright issue.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4
Video: iTheTime7 @ YouTube

September 13, 2011

[PHOTOS] Heo Young Saeng pic spam on Twitter

It's good to know that Young Saeng got some free time now to play with his Ipad. According to his tweet, he was using an Ascent Ipad application (didn't say the exact name of it) .

[TRANS] It's funny! kekeke

[TRANS] I went back from the universe

[TRANS] I feel like doing this kekeke

Photos: @mystyle1103
Translation: @nejeelicious ( 

September 3, 2011