May 31, 2011

110530 Wide Entertainment News STAR CAM - Heo Young Saeng

Aigoo!!! Saengie can really be candid in most unexpected time.. kekeke... wow!! he really loves to read books!! and got a lot of cd collection as well.. enjoy watching!!^_^

Video: @rmdkdl + mukamuka501 @ YT

May 30, 2011

[PHOTOS] Young Saeng on SBS Radio "Young Street" (official)

source: + DS501fanpage @ facebook

May 28, 2011

[VIDEO + PHOTOS] 110527 Heo Young Saeng on Sukira Kiss

Let it Go

MC THE MAX – 이별 아닌 이별

Video: @rmdkdl
Photos: KBS

[NEWS] Heo Young Saeng on Weekly P.A.S.S

This article was posted last May 20, 2011. But due to hectic schedule of the admins, we haven't got the chance to post it on time. By the way, read the article carefully. Some parts might bring confusion since the interviewer and interviewee has the same surname. (Heo So Jin and Heo Young Saeng) ^_^

I'll show you a hidden dancing instinct!

Heo Young Saeng comeback. It was his first solo mini album and not as SS501's main vocalist. People expects that he will do ballads, but the title track 'Let it Go' is a dance music. Hot reaction. His debut stage on May 13th climbs up to various music charts which gathered a lot of attention

P.A.S.S. 2nd year high school student journalist Heo So Jin (17) got the chance to interviewed him. Heo's dream is to become an announcer.  Heo's dreams was permitted by non-fan P.A.S.S. as a High School students reporter. which she can see the  "Human" Heo Young Saeng's aspirations who isn't a celebrity. (A/N: I think it's about Young Saeng's aspirations and not as a celebrity ^^). The two met on the 10th of May, at Dong-A Media Center in Jongno-gu, Seoul. Heo started the interview at night, but still worrying to ask questions.

Heo Young Saeng, specializing on ballad?

Heo Young Saeng appeared on the interview with a cast on his right hand. During the dance rehearsal, he accidentally hit the mirror that makes his hand to get injured. This injury was also shown during the recording of recent T.V appearances. and because of this, the plans for the album release was postponed . "I can do better for the album" he said in smiles.

"The injury can be good because I can prepare more. But the fans are waiting for me and I fell beyond the schedule. Being solo rather than in group doesn't mean that there is no pressure. I was nervous during the first time I performed on stage under my name. But I do not feel so much pressure. I'm also enjoying this kind of  pressure"

Heo's efforts and concerns in his transformation was gone/dissolved

'Let it Go' is about a cold guy guy who's expressing his love to the woman he loves in a different way. In this performance his chic charms was shown.

-comments of the interviewer was omitted-

Translations: @nejeelicious + @SSSdenise (

May 27, 2011

[VIDEO] Heo Young Saeng on MTV 'The Show'

Out The Club

Let it Go

Video: @rmdkdl

May 25, 2011

[AUDIO +VIDEO] 110524 Heo Young Saeng in Younha's Starry Night

FULL AUDIO of MBC Younha's Starry Night

Let it Go

What's This?

Audio + Videos: @rmdkdl

[VIDEO] 110524 Heo Young Saeng in Young Street

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Let it Go

Rainy Heart

Video: @rmdkdl

May 24, 2011

[INFO] Live chat with Heo Young Saeng in YOZM (English Translation)

YS : Today at 8pm, everyone knew that I am meeting you at yozm right? Before meeting me, I will put up a quiz. What is the song that I am practicing recently? Coming as a singer. Heard that there is a prize for the person who answers the fastest and correctly, so let’s meet at 8pm

YS : Hello~ I am YoungSaeng!! Please ask lots of questions~ Because there are not many times when I will talk a lot!!!^^ Start!!!

Fan : I am really a senior.. the time when you felt this??
YS : When junior singers say “Sunbae-nim!! Hello~~~”??keke

Fan : Why is it lagging so terribly here? I don’t know if YoungSaeng oppa will be able to reply
YS : It’s lagging very terribly? I don’t know~~keke

Fan : I want to go to the toilet, I’m perspiring from every pore, but I can’t go because I want to talk with oppa TT TT Oppa, please come TT TT TT TT TT
YS : Go quickly and come back~~ Will fall sick like this~

Fan : Has your hand recovered?????
YS : It’s still painful...TT TT

Fan : I forgotten so I stuffed my rice quickly and came? YoungSaeng is not here yet?
YS : Came....^^

Fan : What were you doing that you came late?
YS : I was late? - - ;;

Fan : Oppa, do you know that oppa, yourself, is the training king in SS501?
YS : I heard that before.. Actually, what does that mean… TT TT ;

Fan : Oppa, you were the one who made the fan cheer right!!!!!!keke
YS : Why would I make that!!!?keke

Fan : Oppa, do you read fans’ responses in fanpage??
YS : I read the responses!!keke

Fan : Oppa, I also want to lose weight, oppa please teach me some secret formula
YS : You will lose weight when you fall sick..keke But I’m not telling you to fall sick!! Health is the foremost important~~

Fan : Are you choosing questions?
YS : Ask a question!!

Fan : How do you feel turning into a bad guy?! From. Star
YS : Good good~~~keke

Fan : Seems like you will get number 1 this time?
YS : To get number 1..please help me!!!ke

Fan : Weren’t you nervous when you performed to Rain’s ‘Song to hold you’???
YS : Totally so nervous~~ But it was fun. Even though it was a pity I didn’t have abs..keke

Fan : Oppa, any girl group you fancy these days?kekekeke
YS : All of them are pretty~~~~keke

Fan : Not lonely TT TT TT? Like during broadcasting shows, used to be always with members, but now you’re alone so seems to be lonely TT TT! Everytime you felt like this, who do you play with?? Heehee Manager? Dance team??! heehee
YS : Me.. both~~ (Manager, dance team) keke

Fan : About 10 years later, can you gather fans and eat marinated chicken and drink beer?
YS : 10 years later, my age is 36... I want to stay mysterious till the day I die though..;;kekekekekekekekeke

Fan : Oppa, I’ll return again after a game^^
YS : Go on........ - -

Fan : oppa, u have so many fans in indonesia, say hi
YS : Hi~~~

Fan : oppa are from peru.... we love you here take into account... Here we love you
YS : wow!! Peru~~~ Thank you!!

Fan : Oppa, what is the song you sing to these days?? TT TT
YS : Let it go!

Fan : How did you feel when you were totally edited away in Strong Heart?
YS : I didn’t really mind..keke

Fan : When is the first time you cried???
YS : At birth~~

Fan : Oppa, I am studying hard, but my results doesn’t improve TT TT What could be the reason? TT TT Please teach me a method to study well~!!!
YS : I don’t know since I am not good too..keke I had to quickly realise what is right for me.. and I learnt singing~~ However.. Even if you are not good in your studies.. you must still do it..keke Or else you will regret when you become older!!

Fan : Don’t you feel tough to be having activities alone? I’m worried you will feel lonely while traveling or so, just like HyungJun oppa or JungMin oppa~ TT TT
YS : Don’t have to worry about it~~keke

Fan : Can you shout ‘Baby~!’ to your fans when you get 1st?
YS : If I remember this on the day that I get number 1?keke

Fan : Oppa, don’t just hold concert in Seoul, please also come to Busan
YS : I will go and have one in Busan if more than 5,000 fans will come!!kekeke

Fan : Oppa~ I was eating chicken just now! Keke
YS : Was it delicious?keke

Fan : YoungSaeng-ah~ How’s your English? Please use English to greet your overseas fans too!!
YS : wow!! I don’t English!!! Sorry~~
***** THAT'S MY QUESTION!!! muahaha he replied me in English!!

Fan : Oppa, what do you think of me?kekekekekekekekekekekekekekekeke
YS : Who are you??

Fan : Shy guy Heo YoungSaeng
YS : What..- -

Fan : Oppa please write something if you are going back TT TT
YS : I am writing so extremely a lot already!! With my injured hand..keke Cool right?

Fan : OPPA~~~~~ SARANGHAE!!!
YS : Me too!!!

Fan : What bad guy ke Not suitable for you kekeke
YS : If it’s not suitable, I’ll just have to make it suit..keke

Fan : Will you go to Taiwan???
YS : I want to go!!

Fan : Hello. I am a fan from Singapore o(^^)o
YS : I love you~~ so much!!

Fan : Ah, oppa really driving me crazy TT TT TT I can’t study because of oppa TT TT TT TT Oppa is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
YS : Cooled your head for awhile.. Go and study!!keke

Fan : Did you know that you have fans in Saudi Arabia??
YS : Wow!! Really? Thanks!!

Fan : Question!! Now.. we, the fans.. are working hard, do oppa see these in your eyes?? TT TT
YS : I see, I see!! Keke that’s why I’m thankful.. Until I get over 10,000 fans at concert!! Go go!

Fan : Heo YoungSaeng mansae! Heo YoungSaeng mansae! Heo YoungSaeng mansae! Oppa, since I’ve made 3 cheers for you, oppa please also say 3 cheers for Seo JiSu
YS : Seo JiSu mansae*3

Fan : Why is there no reply T T T Please quickly leave me a reply
YS : Reply

Fan : Oppa~~~I love you~~~
YS : Alright~~keke

Fan : mystyleys Mr YoungSaeng Hello..When are you coming to China?
YS : If I’m being invited over to China... Anytime~~keke

Fan : youngsaeng! I’m from Singapore~ solo album Daebak!! ^^
YS : Oh~~ Thank you!

YS : It should be the hand that is painful.. - -

Fan : Sunglasses suits you so well~!!
YS : I knew that too~~keke

Fan : Please come to Australia!! There are a lot of fans!! ^^ keke
YS : Really? How many are there??

Fan : YoungSaeng-ah, you are nuna’s!keke 10,000 person’s? everyone’s?! baby’s?! kekeke I am asking the 2nd time T T keke
YS : I am just me..keke not nuna’s...^^

Fan : I can’t believe that I’m writing to u, I’m a huge fan. In fact, many Arab people love u, wish the best And by the way, congratulation for the
YS : English is too long.. keke

Fan : What do you want to eat lately? I will treat you to it, just tell me
YS : There is nothing I want to eat lately..TT TT;; I want to try to lose some weight~~keke But good..

Fan : Oppa do you know that oppa’s fans are also good in training? There are ones who are training seriously even now?
YS : I didn’t asked them to do what training..;;

Fan : Why is oppa so attractive? Share some with us
YS : I am born with it, what to do~~keke

Fan : YoungSaeng oppa~ album Let it go, which song do you most love? Gotten for a long time?
YS : What are you saying..;; Please speak Korean…kekeke

Fan : YoungSaeng-ah, I am Negin~! I am from Iran^^ You are my twin do you know?! Sorry. I am not good in Korean. Nice meeting you
YS : Your Korean is good~~ Besides some which I don’t understand!! Keke Hwaiting~~

Fan : Not replying to me TT TT
YS : What reply!!!

Fan : The way you reply is just just like you oppa kekeke
YS : Kiddo…You knew it!!ke

Fan : Oppa, I’ve been a fan since 17 years old and now I’m already 23 years old~ Very amazing. Really such a day like this will come. Oppa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Let’s be together in the future too~~^^
YS : Already...yea..keke It has been a long time~~

Fan : kekekeke Oppa you’re really friendly. I am eating pizza, should I give you a piece?
YS : Give me as much as you can, where~~ right now!!

Fan : Oppa please fatten up the chubby cheeks!!!!!!!!!!!!!
YS : If I fatten up my cheeks, you will tease me and call me a pig?

Fan : How many sel-ca photos are there in your handphone photo gallery now??
YS : I don’t take sel-ca these days~~~

Fan : It’s not that the English is too long, it’s that you can’t read!! kekekeke
YS : “Correct answer!!!!!~~~~~~~” kekekekekekekekekekekekekeke Kiddo…- - ^

Fan : When are you coming to Singapore??? Nuna I will buy all the delicious food for you! ^^
YS : If I go Singapore.. instead of the delicious food.. Can you gather over 5,000 fans? keke
***** THAT'S MY QUESTION!!! muahaha

Fan : Don’t fall sick and stay healthy
YS : Same to you~~^^

Fan : Hello oppa~ : ) It was raining here~ ><
YS : What do you mean.. ‘It was raining’?...;;
*Literally the fan said ‘Rain came here’ in honorific form. Which is weird because we only use honorific form to elders, not to things.

Fan : Kim YeonWoo’s common words ‘I love you’. This, you like it??
YS : “Common word ‘I love you’~~~ I didn’t say even once~~~~” this one?kekeke

Fan : Oppa, well done
YS : Daebak..

Fan : Oppa, when you lose weight, you are become manly, when you put on weight, you become cute. Both are good…. For me, the manly (image) is better... but if you become too thin, it is unhealthy so please don’t starve!
YS : I will work hard to lose weight...keke

Fan : Nyahahahahahahahaha~
YS : Puhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

Fan : Oppa, have a touch-cheek-event TT TT
YS : No way.. - -

Fan : Has oppa already taken your dinner?? Please do not skip your meals.
YS : Eaten...keke

Fan : Your hand is ok ?
YS : Not ok!!

Fan : What is your main concern lately??
YS : Let it go

Fan : Oppa, how do you feel when fans pair up members as couples?... ing ing how many times is this
YS : Funny~~kekeke

Fan : YoungSaeng-ah???
YS : Why?

Fan : Oppa,,, I will be going into singing because I am not good in studying~!!!!!! But there is a pre-audition on 28th to get into the 1st round of Super Star K this time, what song should I sing???????
YS : kekeke You say you went into singing because you are not good in studying? How about anywhere else.. Sing because you like singing!! You should say this instead~~keke Sing a song that you are most confident in~ Hwaiting!!

Fan : NaJu NaJu!!! Come here please, to Kwangju too!!
YS : Many told me to go~~ I will be more generous

Fan : Oppa, I am a hardcore fan for 6 years!!!! Please, in order for me to boast around in school tomorrow, please answer my question kekekeke Oppa it’s okay as long as we’re over 20 years old right?kekekekekekekekekeke
YS : What is it that it’s fine as long as you’re over 20 years old?

Fan : Oppa, which song is your favorite song in this album~~!?
YS : Out The Club!!

Fan : Gasps..I knew you won’t read the messages one by one.. you’re a chic guy indeed. TT TT
YS : Not won’t read..but I couldn’t read (all)..keke

Fan : What time is this until?
YS : It’s until 9pm..

Fan : Oppa, please train me up!!
YS : Uhhem!!

Fan : Oppa, I am a hardcore fan for 6 years!!!! Please, in order for me to boast around in school tomorrow, please answer my question kekekeke Oppa, which junior approached you first when you are at the music broadcasts recently??
YS : Junior who approached me first..;; Infinite greeted me well..keke with Beast..keke

Fan : It will be good if you can perform for a long time~ I miss you a lot TT TT TT TT
YS : There’s no benefit in doing for a long time!!

Fan : Oppa - - please do it for once!!!!!
YS : What?

Fan : How does oppa think of Triple S?
YS : Of course they are SS501 fans~

Fan : opa come to indonesia
YS : I want to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fan : Are you replying hard?? Why didn’t you reply to my question...
YS : I have replied you now~~keke

Fan : Oppa, is your arm painful?
YS : Hand is painful~keke

Fan : Because I like you so so so much, I learnt Korean~~~ Korean is very difficult T T TT TT
YS : I also think that difficult~~

Fan : “I love you~!” say just once!!
YS : “I love you~!”

Fan : Who do you play with in the waiting room?
YS : Manager, dance team, stylist~~ With Eru hyung during Inkigayo..keke

Fan : Even if you say you will come to Daegu, I haven’t seen you even once...
YS : How many people can gather if I were to go? TT TT

Fan : I am sleepy after eating medicine, I am not sleeping but here because of oppa keke
YS : Quickly go and sleep~~keke Get well~

Fan : I already belongs to oppa, can oppa be mine too??kekekekekekekekekekekekekeke
YS : Gasps....keke

Fan : Is it real that JungMin oppa hates carrots?? It’s a lie?kekekekekekeke
YS : I don’t know..........oop!

Fan : 30 minutes left!!!!!!! Why don’t you talk to me TT TT TT TT TT TT TT TT
YS : kekekekekekekekekekekekekekekekekekekekekekekeke What do you wish for me to say?

Fan : What is Triple S to Heo YoungSaeng????
YS : SS501 fans~

Fan : Oppa, if you come to Ilsan kekekekekeke You will be seeing me everyday!?!!!!!!!11
YS : You..who are you!!

Fan : Is there any program that you enjoy watching recently?
YS : MBC 9pm News Desk..keke

Fan : I will bring a lot of people including my friends along kekekekekekekeke
YS : Really??kekeke A lot meaning.. 10 people?;;

Fan : I will support you till the end. Hwaiting! GaHye Green Peas@Malaysia
YS : Yo!! Malaysia!!! Thanks~~

Fan : Oppa kekekekekekekekeke You are really funny kekekekekeke
YS : You are funnier!!kekekekekekekekekekekekekekeke

Fan : Oppa, do you always check on the fans’ mentions?
YS : Not always.. sometimes~~

Fan : My wish is to hear oppa scolding/cursing - -
YS : Gasps.. - - ;; If I scold/curse, it will be screen captured and uploaded!!!

Fan : Now it’s ya-ja time (means they put down their age difference and use all casual form of speaking) are you really not going to reply me? Even if it’s just a dot will do!! TT TT TT
YS : .

Fan : Baby~please call this for once!
YS : Baby~~
*He said Baby in English despite the fan asking him to call in Korean biggrin.gif

Fan : What games are you playing recently TT TT TT I have nothing to play, wanna play with me?kekeke
YS : Play with me.........- -;; I play starcraft2.. these days

Fan : Reply just once in Japanese!
YS : I won’t write in Japanese!!!keke

Fan : Oppa, when are you going to let us know the answer to the quiz~? Please say Lee SuJin once!!!
YS : Lee SuJin!! Answer is.. I also don’t know when I will let you know

Fan : Hands are cold. Hold my hands - -
YS : Ho~

Fan : YoungSaeng is just too swamped… ;;
YS : Correct answer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fan : Ah really, YoungSaeng oppa are you really to be like this~!? Because I will be angry?! I am so hungry to death because of oppa! T T
YS : So what you want to do~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Fan : Oppa, what drama are you watching recently???
YS : I don’t usually watch dramas..;;

Fan : YonSaen the best, are you looking at this?
YS : Yup

Fan : ahahah-TT TT My heart rate is beating over its maximum
YS : Gasps..Be careful

Fan : Vietnamese’s waited for you for a long time
YS I see!! Hahahaha^^

Fan : Is this replying to me TT TT TT TT???? I already posted over 10 messages but you are not replying to me TT TT TT TT TT
YS : What answer...

Fan : I also have the same ‘Young’ as brother, please say “YoungIm-ah~” for once +_+~
YS : YoungIm-ah

Fan : Oppa, your eyes are very sexy
YS :Gasps.. You can see my eyes?

Fan : Ah.. Oppa you had a girlfriend?? This is really daebak...kekekekeke
YS : I am also a human..;;

Fan : Have you gone to I-Park mall recently???
YS : Didn’t go though.. - -

Fan : What Arabic People’s you think of?
YS : What are you talking about?keke

Fan : I will be going eat marinated chicken later~~~Oppa don’t eat marinated chicken? Marinated chicken?
YS : I ate too much that I’m sick of it..;;

Fan : Oppa, Please also shout Im YoonJung!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you don’t reply with this, then marry me^^
YS : Im YoonJung!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! With this, it’ll be fine if we don’t marry right? Keke I belive in remaining single~

Fan : Do you have plans for solo concert?? If you do, who is the guest??
YS : If there are 10,000 fans, I will definitely have a concert!! Guest is Triple S!!!!

Fan : YoungSaeng oppa can you call my name again?my name is Madeline><please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
YS : MadelineMadelineMadelineMadelineMadelineMadelineMadelineMadelineMadelineMadelineMadelineMadelineMade

Fan : Oppa do you know my name? I know oppa’s name though...
YS : I don’t know!!!keke

Fan : We are SS501’s fans - We are from Peru! It is a beautiful city here^
YS : Wow~~ It is also a beautiful city over here too!! Come and play~~keke

Fan : Oppa!!!!!!!! About what age will you get married??heehee
YS : Not getting married.. TT TT

Fan : I miss you so much~
YS : Go and find videos over in the internet...keke

Fan : Please call ‘kid’ for once
YS : Kid kiddo!!

Fan : I also believes in remaining single!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
YS : Comrade!!

Fan : I hope I can catch your reply. ><
YS : Yap!! Caught~~ke

Fan : Oppa, do you know that I will sometimes miss oppa’s chubby cheek? TT T Where are the chubby cheeks!? TT T
YS : Chubby cheeks are all hidden..keke

Fan : Oppa, please also shout out Im YoonJung. Loudly!!YoonJung-ah!!!!!!! Like this!!
YS : !!YoonJung-ah!!!!!!! !!YoonJung-ah!!!!!!! !!YoonJung-ah!!!!!!! !!YoonJung-ah!!!!!!! !!YoonJung-ah!!!!!!! !!YoonJung-ah!!!!!!! !!YoonJung-ah!!!!!!! !!YoonJung-ah!!!!!!!

Fan : Hello!
YS : I am not your husband
(The fan said ‘yeoboseyo’ which is hello when u speak over the phone, and ‘yeobo’ means ‘wife/husband’ too)

Fan : Something you want to say to your fans??
YS : Always..Thank you~~

Fan : During the pre-recording for Inki Gayo.. We are cheering for oppa while following oppa’s dance choreography abit?Alot? Did you see that? Shy *^^*
YS : kekekekekekeke Thanks.. I was doing my things so I didn’t notice~~ sorry~

Fan : These days, I am happy each and every day, because of oppa!!! Feels like having my 2nd prime period TT TT TT TT TT TT
YS : kekekekekekekekekekekekekekekekekekekekekekekekekekeke so I see

Fan : I’m neutral about marriage... it will be good to have one daughter and one son kekeke
YS : Greedy guy!! Woohoothoot

Fan : Woah it’s my honor to be using computer at the same time with you, my honor my honor
YS : Honor!!!

Fan : Oppa, if you don’t call my name~ I will kiss HyunJoong oppa~~ MiSung-ah~~ call me once
YS : kekekekekekekekekekekekekekekekekekekekeke I won’t call you

Fan : Oppa, at the fan sign, oppa’s expression when I greeted you and asked you to smile - - was so serious kekekeke And on my way home, I was crying euhuhungruhuuulunglull
YS : My expression has been always like that.. - - << that means ‘I’m feeling okay now!!’~~

Fan : What is the money that grandfather likes?
YS : Grandmother……………….. Don’t do such things!!
(in Korean, grandmother is Hal-meo-ni, meo-ni is the same as ‘money’)

Fan : Bad guy Heo YoungSaeng slipped out of my fingers
YS : Be careful

Fan : Oppa~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Why call me, my baby^^ please say that.. TT TT
YS : You are really greedy~

Fan : If you’re not getting married, please stay to be forever idol kekeke Because I will still be your fan even if I get married kekekeke
YS : kekeke Sure~~ Go and meet a good guy!!! Ke

Fan : MiSong-ah~~ please call out for once TT TT ego hand..^^;;
YS : Ego.................................Ms MiSong?

Fan : Oppa, do you have a girlfriend?? Till recently??
YS : For about 2 years
YS : Ah!! I don’t have a girlfriend for 2 years!!keke

Fan : Oppa, why are you not using your mini hompy lately
YS : Troublesome~~keke

Fan : Nervous during first broadcast?? heehee
YS : Of course~~

Fan : Oppa, why are you so chic like this kekekekeke
YS : Chic!!!keke

Fan : I quarreled with my mother because of oppa! I didn’t segregate for collection and came over’s all because of oppa!!
YS : So.............................? What do you want?

Fan : Didn’t receive any replies or such right TT TT
YS : What replies or such? My replies are not normal replies~~

Fan : Will you marry me~~~~~~~
YS : No way..!!!keke

Fan : Even if I’m just a fool.... kekekekekekekekeke I am your fan. Why are you like this humph TT TT kekekekeke look, study, lose weight, pig! Kekekeke You remember me? UCC which pressed that F5 button kekeke frankly it’s fine even if it’s not even once...just like that
YS :Ah~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~kekeke Cool!!!

Fan : You’re not calling my name because it is not nice?
YS : What is your name?

Fan : Hands are trembling TT TT Give me medical fees TT
YS : No money........

Fan : Only 177 days left to Suneng (University entrance exam)
YS : Going through a lot of hardship~~

Fan : YoungSaeng-ah, how are you feeling lately?
YS : Just.. managable~~ke

Fan : Chic guy, please smile for once on stage/in your performance
YS : I’d be nervous.. Will I be able to smile it out?

Fan : About replies...I am thinking if I will be the selected person..
YS : You are the selected person!!

Fan : YooJin-ah cheer up!! Can you say that to me? TT TT
YS : YooJin-ah cheer up!!keke

Fan : Oppa, please call ‘KyungHee’ for once, please TT TT If you call ‘KyungHee’, this week’s number 1 on Music Bank will be oppa’s
YS : KyungHee-yah~~ You will be responsible if I don’t get number 1 on music bank this week?

Fan : Oppa, have a fan meeting while we watch (baseball) together in the baseball stadium.. Chicken with beer..keke
YS : Just.. we definitely can’t leave out alcohol!!

Fan : Do you like fans? Or members?
YS : Do you like your mom? Or me?

Fan : Come to HanYang University Festival!!!!!!
YS : eueueueueu…………………….Why?

Fan : Oppa! What are you thinking now?? Thinking of me?
YS : Thinking of all of you?ke

Fan : I heard that you don’t have plans for fan sign event, how about showcase + fan sign instead? Or mini concert with fans? With the songs from this album...^^ Feels so excited at the thought of it keke Because this is not something you can decide alone so just give it a thought first? Call?
YS : I will not have it unless it’s over 5,000 people

Fan : Oppa, I am sick TT TT TT When are you replying me TT TT TT I am turning the streaming diligently TT TT Waiting despite being sick, and streaming it okay? TT TT Quickly tell me to get well soon TT TT TT What do you think of someone 10 years younger than you??? I am running a fever now TT TT
YS : If it’s 10 years younger.. I will be called a thief~~keke

Fan : Oppa I want to cry because of you TT______________TT
YS : I am laughing because of you~

Fan : Tomorrow I will go to school and boast... is that okay??
YS : What’s this~ this is not anything great to be boasting about..keke

Fan : I’ve seen oppa lots of times, oppa you can’t remember me right?? TT TT TT
YS : kekekekekekekekekekekekekekeke I can recognize if I see your face!!

Fan : Heo YoungSaeng is bad guy~!!!!kekekekekeke
YS : You are bad woman~!!!!!!ke

Fan : Oppa, please let me know more about your ideal type~
YS : My ideal type is.. women!

Fan : Oppa, this will increase your typing speed. For my case, I type 300 words but seems like able to hit 5000!^^
YS : Daebak...

Fan : Now.. what is the thing that oppa hopes from fans???
YS : Hope.. please stay united!!keke

Fan : Oppa, please reply me
YS : Reply

Fan : What sound do you hear now?
YS : My heartbeat? Nothing like that... - - ; ;

Fan : Euaak Didn’t even hear a reply and you’re saying byebye..Bye...TT TT TT TT TT
YS : Bye~~~TT TT

Fan : Oppa, go watch a baseball match with me!!! On Friday!
YS : I have to go for Music Bank

Fan : Please tell me to study hard.. TT TT
YS : Study hard!!

Fan : So as long as it’s woman you will like?
YS : Nope~~ It’s that instead of a man, it’s one of those women.. those kind of profound meaning!!

Fan : Gong YooJin!! If you call me that, I will take responsibility to get number 1 for Music Bank, Inki Gayo!!! okay
YS : Liar. - -

Fan : How many now?
YS : I don’t know

Fan : Nuna~Hwaiting!!! Please say that and I won’t catch and eat you up
YS : Just catch and eat me!!

Fan : If Jeon HyunWoo got cancer?
YS : HyunMooAm (Basalt)

Fan : Oppa, you are really bad! Why did you steal my heart!
YS : - - ; ; Then I should go to police?

Fan : Oppa, just reply me once, really TT TT TT TT TT TT TT TT
YS : Like what...

Fan : humph.. I am disturbing oppa now so you are hating me? TT TT
YS : You are not disturbing me in any ways.. - -

Fan : There’s no time left.. Waiting for oppa’s reply.........
YS : Wow~~ good sense!!

Fan : When will you be coming to Japan next??
YS : Until the day all of you call me to go!!! Go immediately!!!

Fan : Yah ah!!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~”
YS : Ho!

Fan : Where are you now??????
YS : Office

Fan : Oppa, you are cute in my eyes, handsome yet cute~ sexy yet cute~
YS : Thank you

Fan : Oppa, hello~^^ I am a HongKong fan! Keke Let It Go Daebak! Fighting~ I love you! Please come to HongKong soon and!!~~ kekekeke
YS : Go HongKong and? Shopping?keke

Fan : What are you doing after you finish this?
YS : I am going for radio

Fan : Please call my name
YS : HyeShin?

Fan : My sister was asking where did oppa’s tummy fats went, where is it?22
YS : Threw away my tummy fats!!

YS : Why

Fan : Heo Heo Heo Heo Heo......... you’re burying me as like this right?
YS : No

Fan : Please leave a message in your official homepage!
YS : I will think about it

Fan : Oppa, what’s your basis for not giving a reply?
YS : I will reply if I see (your message).. if I don’t see it, then I won’t be able to reply

Fan : I am going to cry....... TT TT TT TT TT TT Why is it only me TT TT TT
YS : kekekekekekekekeke Don’t know why

Fan : Call my name~~ Because I asked you to call my name just now, well you’re just a liar, write me a reply~~
YS : Lllliarrrrr

Fan : I was almost being kidnapped..TT TT
YS : Be careful~~~ - -

Fan : Where do you go when there is no schedule/work
YS : Secret

Fan : You didn’t see my messages? Or that you read but didn’t answer???!!!
YS : I think I didn’t see...keke

Fan : How about 10 years age difference?????? I heard it’s a perfect match!!!! My mother also gave her consent~
YS : The trainees in our company now are dongsaeng 10 years younger… 3rd year middle school…;;

Fan : If you are oppa, will you give me a reply?? TT TT If you have discrimination then you wont TT TT
YS : When did I discriminate~~ke

Fan : TT TT I went to tuition class and came on now.. Please praise me because I was studying hard!!!!
YS : Praise!!!

Fan : Alright, nothing happened…………. It’s fine if you just go back YoungSaeng oppa
YS : Aeing?

Fan : Oppa, you are slowing getting tired? Your replies are getting shorter, please put kekekekekekekeke at the back - - !!!!! Why is it so nice? kekekekekekekeke
YS : Weird person…keke

Fan : You’ve just came and now you’re already going off? TT TT TT TT TT Don’t go
YS : Bye~

Fan : It’s about 9pm.. I will send you off coolly =_= Because I’m chic~
YS : Thank you

Fan : Oppa, you must be really tired T T T
YS : Glad you knew

Fan : Do you have schedule after this???
YS : I am a busy guy

Fan : Oppa, are you good in English>??keke
YS : I can’t

Fan : What do you think of returning as RapSaeng???
YS : Only during concerts?

Fan : Can’t you call my name? T T It’s my wish T T – Yoon Soo Jung - -
YS : SooJung-ah

Fan : How about someone 11 years younger?
YS : Gasps………………. - -

Fan : Ah, Heo YoungSaeng you are really - - Please say for once that you love EunSol-ah, like personally - - If you say EunSol-ah I love you, I will bring 501 fans and go to your fan meeting
YS : EunSol-ah~~ I love you

Fan : Oppa, lastly I have something to request from you, I got 1st for my biology, please praise me, really I wrote how many times already TT TT TT TT TT TT TT TT TT
YS : Well done~~~^^

Fan : Oppa please reply to me before you leave!
YS : 501 Mansae!!

Fan : Please say a word of encouragement for 3rd year high school students TT TT TT TT TT TT TT Cheer us on!!!!!!
YS : 3rd year high school students strive on!!!! Aja Aja

Fan : Oppa, before you leave, please call me ‘YoungIm-ah” TT TT TT TT.. Oppa, just a name or my name will do
YS : YoungIm-ah~~ Bye

Fan : Left with 2 minutes...... well I will just say what I want to say TT TT TT TT Don’t fall sick TT TT TT TT Don’t work too hard.. TT TT TT TT TT Hope your hand recovers soon TT TT TT TT TT I will support you TT TT TT TT
YS : Thank you^^

Fan : When fans shout the fan cheers, did you hear what we are saying???
YS : Of course

Fan : Oppa, my friends said I look like a raccoon, and because you look like an otter... maybe bonobono????
YS : What’s that.. - -

Fan : I only saw you full of perspirations during concert
YS : I don’t really perspire a lot..;;

YS : 9pm!!! Kekeke B Bye

YS : It’s been a long time since I had a chatting.. And replied to question..keke It was a fun time!!! Bye~

Translation: xiaochu @

May 23, 2011

[PHOTOS] BTS of 'Let it Go' MV

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Image credit:

[PHOTOS] BTS of 'Let it Go' MV

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[AUDIO + PHOTOS] 110523 Heo Young Saeng on Shimshimtapa

Audio: @rmdkdl
Photos: Shimshimtapa

May 22, 2011

[NEWS] Heo Young Saeng, customized handphone cases available "line of vision"

Singer Heo Young Saeng's customized handphone covers has attracted attention.

This handphone case which comes out in commemoration of his first single release are divided into two kinds, soft durable case and jelly pop case. a limited edition of heo young saeng's hand-drawn illustration will be printed.

Heo Young Saeng's extra ordinary feelings can be in this illustration case and includes Heo Young Saeng's self appearance 

the fans commented, "I Want to have it" "kyu jong make anything different", such response seems good to see.

Heo Young Saeng's hand phone cover can be ordered from

for overseas fans, please visit for some updates. the hand phone case is for iPhone 4 and Galaxy S.

Source + Photo:
Translation: @SSSdenise (

[NEWS] Heo Young Saeng earned a 'standing ovation' on MBC Sebakwi

Sebakwi, Heo Young Saeng rendition of Kim Kyung Ho's 'People make me sad' gives out a goosebumps and earned standing ovation.

Heo Young Saeng who comeback as a solo appeared in Sebakwi, Kim Kyung Ho's 'People make me sad' gathered a lot of attention.

May 21st episode of MBC weekend entertainment program Sebakwi, SS501's Heo Young Saeng made a powerful attack, Kim Hyung Jun showed charm in the event.

At the beginning of the program, Heo Young Saeng received an extra ordinary suport from Kim Gura.

The MC asked to Heo Young Saeng "they said that you were good in impersonation?".. Kim Gura answered the question, "he can sing like Kim Kyung Ho very well" he said.

Kim Hyung Jun said "completely the same" to flatter Heo Young Saeng which makes a lot of anicipation. Heo Young Saeng sang Kim Kyung Ho's 'people make me sad' with his powerful vocals that makes the other guests overwhelmed and gives him a standing ovation.

Kim Hyung Jun suddenly stand up, cheer and applause intensely.

The netizens who watched the broadcast commented "it gives goosebumps", "it was completely the same with Kim Kyung Ho", "If we didn't know it, we will think that it was recorded".
watch this video to see how Young Saeng earned a STANDING OVATION ^_^

Source Korea Economy 'entertainment events'
Video: @rmdkdl + kucouncil @YT
Translation: @nejeelicious (

[VIDEO] 110521 Heo Young Saeng's cut on 'Quiz that Change the World'

Video: @rmdkdl + kucouncil @ YT

May 21, 2011

[PHOTOS + VIDEO] 110520 Heo Young Saeng on SBS Ten Ten Club

Click the image to enlarge. ^__^

Photos: @ella_aura + @nejeelicious (
Video: @rmdkdl + SaengieB @ YT