December 1, 2012

[FANCAM] 121119 Heo Young Saeng plays basketball with ATTI

Warming up


Otter run run run!!

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November 28, 2012

November 18, 2012

[VIDEO] 120603 SS501 Reunion @ Kim Kyu Jong FM Eng sub

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November 14, 2012

[VIDEO] 120804 SS501 Sub Unit on God of Cookery Eng Subtitle

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November 11, 2012

[FANCAM] 121027 Heo Young Saeng @ FC ONE soccer match

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[NEWS] 121110 Heo Young Saeng featured in Hansute vol 6

September 22, SHIBUYA-AX was hot place. 
There were many flowers so as not to be able to decorate all. 
Those flowers all are the gift from fans.
And there was a long line to counter of goods sales.

In this day, Heo Young Saeng who the main vocal of SS501, held the first solo concert in Japan "CONCERT 2012 Over joyed".
Added, this day is soon after release his solo debut album in Japan "Over joyed".
Therefore, this concert became the must-see concert for his fans.

When became the dim venue, Young Saeng's silhouette is projected on the stage, the venue was filled with great cheer like deafening.
And became the sea of green lights in the blink of an eye.

When screen was taken down, YoungSaeng appeared!
The concert was start with "1.2.3" which recorded on his solo debut album "Over joyed" played by a live band.
And he stir up the crowd "Everyone! Let's excitement!" and continue to "DraMagic".
The venue was the crucible of excitement already.

He greeted "Hello, I am Young Saeng. I released the first solo album. Everyone! Did you buy it? Did you buy it?" 
He while enjoy the communication with his fans showed the confidence expression.

He did heats up the audience by "Let it go" that the Korean solo debut song.
In the middle of concert, Intro of "Find" has been flowing.
Cheers like scream filled up at the venue and he integrated with the audience while running around the stage with a song that arranged to rock-taste.
And when he sing "Love song", there was surprise project. 
He choose only one people of fans, and invited her to stage.And he gave a song's present to her. 
The audience was excited because to watched him who give a gentle smile while singing.

And nostalgic footage of the SS501's era, such as "Snow Prince" and "Persona" etc. projected on the screen, he gave show the dance of "Love Ya" with his dancers.
He said, take breath. "I did not think that SS501's dance is so difficult like this...
I was debut in Japan in 2007, and I also took a year. Everyone ... you became granma...older sister (laugh), too. Now, Let we back to that time? Please sing together."
Following these comments, he showed off a medley of the SS501's songs, including "Kokoro" of Japanese debut song of SS501.
Due to unforeseen production, there were many fans who shed tears of joy.

"Time went by really quickly. Thank you for coming everyone!! I'll see you in a variety of places next time!" He greeted the last in this manner, and he excited with fans in "Beautiful" as up-tempo songs.
And also, he showed the "Dream on" and "Hello mello" at encore. 
Then, the excitement of the venue is not yet cold, his performance was finished.

After the end of the show, "After talk show" was held.
123 people chosen at random from among the purchaser of album has been invited to this event.
The reason of invite 123 people is it was decided because honor to "1.2.3" as the title song of his solo debut album in Japan .

When Mr. Furuya as MC of this event said that " You became a artist.", he said with a smile of margin "I am originally an artist.".
He had a witty talk that does not decorate. Because Mr. Furuya and him are friend from the past.
For example, when Mr. Furuya said that "You became good talker.", he said "I didn't talk. That is comment. (laugh)" etc.

Also, he heard the straight confession from a fan that "I love you too much!".
He answered seriously that "Please follow your heart. Because If you had been quiet, it is not transmitted. But It is useless even if overdone."
And he told about a episode treasured. He recently drank with HyungJun (Youngest member of SS501) and KyuJong (He came back from military service on vacation). 
At that time, they met with Hyunjoong (Leader of SS501) by the chance.

And he told the reason that showed a lot of SS501's songs in this concert.
"Because I knew that many fans will waiting it. I was happy because everyone did sing with me." and smiled in a self-conscious manner.

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credit: [English Trans] LM Mofnyan of The legends of HYS + Youngsaengfacts