December 30, 2011

[DIARY] 111220 Heo Young Saeng - 'Completed Three Musketeers....'

The weather really became winter-like weather before we knew it..
At such a time, must take care of your health so that you won’t fall sick!!
Wear warm clothes.. and remember to take health-food!!! (Only imply to elderly people!keke)
I am also already in my mid-late twenties before I knew it..
If I don’t take health-food.. my body will start to get restless..kekekekekekekeke (Oh my...- - ;;)

If I run around while doing Three Musketeers.. Health-food (is necessary) .......kekekeke

Musical Three Musketeers which you've talked a lot about and and worry a lot...
Frankly speaking , I also.. worry a lot... about the musical..
At this point of time, it’s not an album but a musical...;;
However.. now, be it you or me.. I believe that we have the same thoughts now...
That I’ve done well for the musical Three Musketeers..^^

Above all.. the best part about it is.. having a whole new experience..
And also, it is like a self-development for me...

While practicing, I have a lot of worries on various things.. what should I do if I forget my lines.. what should I do if I can’t sing..
What should I do if I get scolded because can’t act... I have a lot of worries on various things..

But.. really.. I think it is difficult to find worthy people among the actors/actresses who has done Three Musketeers together..
Because everyone really did well.. so I was able to do it even more comfortably.. I think I learnt a lot...

The role of d’Artagnan.. I did my best in immersing maximum into the role...
While doing my last performance.. I felt it... That I’ve fell into this musical.. I’ve enjoyed it...
I was overwhelmed with emotions.. even at the end of it.. it’s not as though I’ve made an achievement...
I cried when I think of.. now, it’s farewell to all the actors/actresses.. and the musical Three Musketeers..

The last word.. “Thank You..” which I said unknowingly..
I think it is a word that really came from d’Artagnan’s heart...
And.. I am very thankful to fans who have always supported.. and watched without ever missing...!!

Really.. it is a musical that lets me have the thinking that.. even though we are growing older... we can still become pure..

It is a really enjoyable musical.. a musical that enlightens me... a musical that lets me meet with good actors/actresses...
A musical that I cannot forget... Three Musketeers!!!

Thank you...^^

But...!! There is still Daegu (performance) to go!!!!kekekekekekekekekekekekekekeke

-There is certainly still justice..-

-Written by Heo’tagnan, who plays the role of d’Artagnan in Three Musketeers-


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