February 22, 2012

[TRANS] 120220 Heo Young Saeng - Participating in Immortal Song 2 - Legend Special

KBS2 "Immortal Song" person-in-charge stated on 20 Feb, Heo Young Saeng will be participating in the recording of the "Immortal Song 2 - Legend Special".

On that "Legend Special" segment, 14 singers inclusive of Heo Young Saeng will be competing against one another.

Till now, other than Heo Young Saeng the other singers are still not disclosed yet, but according to them, they have gotten the best singers to be on this segment than the usual program.

The Legend special will be broadcast during mid-March with much anticipation.


Credits:   Newsen + HYS Baidu Bar (Chinese trans.) + cllslam10.blogspot.com (English trans)

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