March 17, 2012

[TRANS] 120316 Heo Young Saeng - Lucia & Heo Young Saeng , Immortal Song 2 Popular First Stage

[TV Report  Kwon Hyuk News] Singer Heo Young Saeng & Lucia have the first appearances on Immortal Song 2 , received good reviews from viewers audience.

Heo Young Saeng & Lucia part will be brodcast on 17 March 18:15 KST  at KBS 2 Tv ‘  Freedom Saturday declared ‘ – Immortal Song 2 Kim GunMo feautured the pre - recorded for the two who just have the first appearances .

Heo Young Saeng as the main vocalist in SS501 , as well as superior to the activity being equipped as a solo artist.

Heo Young Saeng will perform ‘ Red Umbrella ‘ in musical style in ‘ Immortal Song 2 ‘  .

There will be also a surprise performance  & receive favorable reviews.

—– Other Part Without Young Saeng omitted—–


Credits:  TV Report + @Venice_YS (Korean-English translation)

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