October 16, 2012

[TRANS] 121016 Heo Young Saeng @ Woman Weekly ed October 30

The thing that I was overjoyed recently is...

"The first solo Live. In the beginning, I was very nervous
and I felt become hard work in the middle. 
Because, my key of song is very high (laugh).
But at the last, I felt rewarding and could have fun."

Heo Young Saeng answered indifferently, while showing facial expressions fulfilling. 
He is main vocal of very popular group SS501.
In Korea, he expanded the working field. Singer, actor, musical star etc.. 
And he did solo debut in Japan with album "Over joyed" at last.

In the concert that held to celebrate the release of album, he sang various songs
from the song taste of Rock to the ballad of the whole body. 
Of course including "1.2.3" as title song of this album. And he drew a huge cheer.
but he said honesty "Frankly speaking, I didn't have margin to feel the reaction of audience coolly. 
Because I was concentrate to do performance on the stage." 

His fans listen the songs of SS501 (He taught us that he recently met with leader and maknae by accident and they was drinking alcohol together.) and the ballad of the whole body and cheered him while tears.
And he made hard of this album for fans whom support him while tears.
In honor of the title of the album, I asked him.
Did you have the thing recently something overjoyed?

"There is a person whom I really like rather than as the opposite sex. 
At last, I was able to eat with that person!
But nationalities and sex of that person are secret.
I think that if I said that, my fans will know that who is that person (laugh)."

Finally, please send a message to readers.

"I think that I will be vigorous activity like flying in an airplane.
Well... what is good I say...
So that, please be much more energetic and don't forget me."

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credit: LM Mofnyan @ The Legend

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