January 31, 2013

[NEWS] 130131 Heo Young Saeng featured on Lee Jung Bong's mini album

Duet song named 『사랑아 굿바이(Goodbye My Love)』 inclusive in singer Lee Jung Bong's new mini-album featuring Young Saeng will be released on Jan 31 (Thurs).

타이틀곡 소개를 마친 이정봉은 수록곡 '사랑아 굿바이'를 SS501 출신 허영생과 함께 부르게 된 이유를 밝혔다. "허영생 씨가 앨범을 낼 때마다 제가 수집 했어요. 그러다 한 번 만나서 '나중에 같이 녹음 한 번 하자'라고 제안했죠. 그리고 이번에 노래를 해달라고 부탁했는데 흔쾌히 승낙해줬어요."

English: Lee Jung Bong also revealed the reason to his collaboration with SS501 Heo Young Saeng on the inclusive track in his album 'Goodbye My Love', "Everytime Heo Young Saeng releases an album, I've been gathering them all. And so I met up with him once and suggested 'let's do a recording together some day'. I requested to him if we could do a song together this time and he readily agreed."

데뷔 17년차인 이정봉과 까마득한 후배 허영생의 호흡은 어땠을까. "영생 씨 목소리가 많이 얇았어요. 저와 비슷한 톤이라고 생각했는데 제가 일부러 두껍게 낸 부분이 있어요. 요즘 듀엣은 1절, 2절 따로 하니까 지루함은 없는 것 같아요."

English: So how was the collaboration chemistry with junior Heo Young Saeng in comparison to Lee Jung Bong who has had debuted for already 17 years. "Young Saeng has a very thin voice line. As I thought that we both have the same type of tone voice line, there were some parts in the song that I deliberately sang it thicker (voice line). The 1st and 2nd verse of duets these days are sung separately, that's why it didn't feel mundane."

또 그는 오랜만에 선보이는 앨범에 지원사격을 해준 후배 허영생에 대한 칭찬을 아끼지 않았다. "영생 씨가 생각보다 잘 생겼더라고요. 착하고, 싹싹했어요. 세 시간정도 녹음을 했는데 무리 없이 했어요. 키도 크고 훤칠하더라고요. 하하"

English: He was also full of praises for his junior Heo Young Saeng who agreed to make a featuring in this album after such a long while, "Young Saeng is more handsome than I thought. Good-natured and amiable. We did three hours of recording and there was no complains or happenings and whatsnot. Tall and good looking. Haha."

이번 앨범에는 SS501 출신 허영생과 듀엣 호흡을 맞춘 '사랑아 굿바이'도 수록됐다. "원래 허영생을 주려고 만들었던 곡이에요. 허영생에게 약간 어렵지 않을까 해서 빼놨는데 이번에 같이 부르게 됐죠."

English: A duet song with SS501 Heo Young Saeng 'Goodbye My Love' is also inclusive in this time's album. "It was initially a song that I made for Heo Young Saeng. But because I wondered if it would be a little difficult for him so I didn't do it eventually; thus we end up doing it together this time."

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Credit: TV Daily + E-daily + (translation) ss501Ode.blogspot.com

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