January 5, 2012

[NEWS] 120105 Heo Young Saeng and Go Ah Ra look like a couple

Singer Heo Young Saeng revealed a picture taken with Go Ah Ra at press conference of the movie, Pace Maker.
On January 4, Heo tweeted, “I went to the preview of the film
Pace Maker that Ah Ra acted in. It was very interesting! I hope it becomes a big hit! Fighting!”
He uploaded a picture that he took with Go Ah Ra with the comment, “This is to prove that I went there!^^ Thank you for inviting me!”
In the picture, Heo and Go are making V signs and smiling brightly at the camera. They look like a friendly couple.
Netizens commented: “That’s an unexpected connection.” “You two somewhat look good together.” “Your picture looks like a pictorial even if taken carelessly.” “I’m looking forward to the movie as well.”

Go Ah Ra appeared in movie Pace Maker with Ahn Sung Gi, and Kim Myung Min. The movie is about athlete Man Ho who is sent out to break the record of marathon, swiimming and other sports.
Movie Pace Maker will premiere on January 19.


Credits:  Starnews + en.korea.com

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