January 21, 2012

[NEWS] SS501 Kim KyuJong and Heo Young Saeng's fans donated 4.77 tons rice wrath

SS501 Young Saeng and Kyu Jong's fans donated 4.77 tons of rice wrath during the musical. Young Saeng's fans donated 2.77 tons of rice 19 days ago to elderlu resident in gangbukgu (i'm not sure about this part). each of them received 10 kgs. Kyu Jong's fans donated 2 tons or rice last December and passed to the Food Market, Seoul. These rice wraths sent to support Kyu Jong appearance in "Goong" musical and Young Saeng's in "Three Musketeers" musical. The rice wreaths came from South Korea and overseas (China, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore, Philippines, Peru and nine other countries) in 64 fandoms. 60% of them are from foreign fandoms. They proclaimed Kyu Jong and Young Saeng's popularity at overseas.


credits : acrofan.com
trans: colorfullshine @ youngsaengfacts
pict: dreame.co.kr + @rmdkdl

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