April 19, 2012

[NEWS] 120419 Heo Young Saeng, tweeted cherry blossom pictures, 'romantic cherry man'

SS501's member, Heo Young Saeng shared his photo with cherry blossoms.

On his twitter, he wrote "Greeted by cherry blossom.. ke"
and published it with a photo.

In the picture, Young Saeng spreaded his arm, looked at the sky with no worry. Cherry blossom as his photo's background looks like from romantic movie scene.

Netizens commented "Young Saeng oppa! I'll go to see the cherry blossom", "Wow, so beautiful cherry blossoms," "Who is he?", "Young Saeng, oppa, I think you're filming, ~", "Heo Young Saeng, cherry man".


Credits: mydaily + [eng trans] colorfullshine @ youngsaengfacts

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