April 20, 2012

[News] 120420 ‘ I Need A Fairy ” Park Min Woo , Lee Joon , Heo Young Saeng & CNU The Comedy F4


Better known as F4 to the public, actor Park Min Woo, Lee Joon, Heo Young Saeng and B1A4’s CNU have formed the pin-up boys quartet of I Need A Fairy.

Park Min Woo, Lee Joon, Heo Young Saeng and CNU have brought laughter and warmth to living rooms across the nation with KBS2’s on the air sitcom I Need a Fairy. Starting with Park Min Who, who possesses an impressive 188cm frame as well as a set of dimples that many would kill for, the rest of the F4 hotties – MBLAQ’s pin-up boy Lee Joon, B1A4’s CNU and solo artist Heo Young Saeng – have moved the hearts of many female viewers.

The young men’s charm showed brightly in a recently released behind-the-scenes cut from the production set. And although Park Min Woo, who plays the role of Cha Kook Min in the drama, and Lee Joon are engaged in a subtle sunbae-hubae (senior-junior) battle of nerves as 2H Entertainment trainees, the two showed a rather friendly relationship in the picture. Their beaming smile and their ‘V’ hand gestures captured the eyes of the viewers.

In addition, Heo Young Saeng and CNU, who will form a delicate love triangle with Woo Ri (Na Ra), stirred the viewers attention with their heartwarming idol star appeal.

Park Min Woo, Lee Joon, Heo Young Saeng and CNU, responsible for providing the eye-candy to the We Need a Fairyviewers, were able to showcase their delightful and harmonious image on the set and received the affection of the production staff.

A rep from Sunjin Entertainment said, “Park Min Woo, Lee Joon, Heo Young Saeng and CNU have received the compliments of the production staff due to their ceaseless hard work. Although they become immersed in their roles during the shooting, their delightful and lively charms come alive during the break time, entertaining everyone on the set. Thanks to them, the production staff was able to shoot the drama with a joyful spirit.”

I Need a Fairy is based on Korea’s traditional Fairy and Woodcutter story and will tell the story of two fairies – mother Wang Mo (Shim Hye Jin) and daughter Chae Hwa (Hwang Woo Seul Hye) – who get tangled up with 2H Entertainment CEO Cha Se Joo (Cha In Pyo). The drama airs Mondays to Fridays at 7:45 pm.


Credits: enews + youngsaengfacts

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