April 25, 2012

[NEWS] 120425 Heo Young Saeng Hold A Red Umbrella Romantic transfiguration ” First Love Oppa’s Recall “

SS501′s Heo Young Saeng play the role as a Top star KAKI who is the first love oppa of Na Ra (WooRi) . He gives people feeling like a naughty neighbor oppa, so he easily caught Na Ra’s heart together with the audience’s heart. During this period, WooRi’s red umbrella first love oppa dating distributed infinite charm .

In a sunny day, under the red umbrella,  Young Saeng wearing a dot ribbon hair band scarf, from a ‘Young little Cute‘ change to  ’Cool guy pos ‘ , this caught the sight for those who are present . Young Saeng (Young Saeng – Na Ra) couple red umbrella dating, indicates that Young Saeng suddenly confess to Na Ra .

Especially, Young Saeng also hold a red umbrella at Immortal Song 2 .

Then,  netizens have demonstrated ”Young Saeng little cute charm totally outbreak! I also wanna have a First Love oppa like Young Saeng ”.

Credit: Newsen + (Chinese Trans) + (English Trans) @Venice_YS

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