April 20, 2012

[News] 120420 ‘I Need A Fairy’ WooRi , Young Saeng & ShinWoo Parallel Date … The Love Line Outcome Is ?

WooRi’s parallel date on  ’ I Need A Fairiy ‘ sitcom atrracted people’s attention .

In 'I Need A Fairy', Na Ra (WooRi) with her first love – Young Saeng & ShinWoo who unrequited love her  carry on a diferrent feeling date together. This make the audience’s mood become excited .

Na Ra & Young Saeng went to the Arcade to play the shooting game & air hockey, and other games . The two happy dating let ShinWoo demonstrated his regret look .

ShinWoo fetch Young Saeng to flower shop. Young Saaeg’s identity exposed when they met Chae Hwa . But suddenly, Young Saeng’s manager appear, Young Saeng leave the seat & Na Ra sit on the scooter. ShinWoo get a chance to date with Na Ra .

Specifically , Na Ra usually unconcerned to YoungSaeng, but she show her bright smile while dating with ShinWoo , the two love line gathered people’s expectations.


Credits: herald economy + hys bar + @venice_ys + youngsaengfacts

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